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NEW "Lumipulse® G HBsAg-Quant" is launched !


NEW “Lumipulse® G HBsAg-Quant”is launched .

For in vitro diagnostic use with the LUMIPULSE G System for the qualitative and quantitative detection of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) in serum or plasma.


Clinical background:

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a virus of shaped spherical particle with 42 nm diameter. The virus has hepatitis B surface antigen on its envelope, hepatitis B core antigen and circular double- stranded DNA (3200 base pairs) in its core part. When the HBV multiplies in hepatocytes, HBsAg is made excessively and is released into blood as numerous filamentous or spherical bodies lacking a core. The detection of the HBsAg provides important information about a diagnosis of hepatitis B, a screening and a diagnosis of the HBV infection, the infection prophylaxis of HBV horizontal transmission and maternal-fetal transmission.


Principle of measurement

Lumipulse G HBsAg-Quant is an assay system, including a set of immunoassay reagents, for the qualitative and quantitative detection of HBsAg in specimens base on CLEIA technology by a two-step sandwich Immunoassay method on the LUMIPULSE G system.